Each year, we talk to residents about the City’s operational budget and find out if you’re happy with the services we provide. In 2023, the average residential assessment was $239,000 which makes the average municipal property tax levy $2,044.05. That money goes towards funding services like policing, fire, snow removal, economic development, playgrounds, recreation, road maintenance and more. All of which we’re going to talk about here!

A quick note - we also get funding from other sources like Provincial/Federal grants, user fees (like when you pay your water bill or pay to use the JBS Canada Centre), withdrawing from reserves, or taking out debt. There are some projects that are not funded by municipal property taxes at all: things like major capital projects (road paving and new facility constructions), garbage collection, potable water treatment and delivery as well as sanitary sewer collection and treatment. These aren’t included in this survey – we only want to talk municipal property taxes.

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